Clearing away your ball with the It Grabs ball holder 

Hang your sports balls on the wall now with the It Grabs ball holder and never lose your special or expensive balls again!

That's funny: a sports ball hanging on the wall! It's possible with the It Grabs ball holder. Easy to install, convenient in use; never lose a ball again. You can choose between a white or a black ball holder. With the It Grabs storage systems clearing away your sports ball will no longer be a problem!

The It Grabs ball holder is available in three sizes and can hold basketballs, korfballs, footballs, rugby balls, volley balls, polo balls, and any signed or special ball you can imagine. Fasten the It Grabs onto your wall using the materials supplied, and you're done. Made of high-quality ABS plastic, a long service life guaranteed. Nice to get as a gift or to give as a birthday present. Also available at,,, and


It Grabs Rugby ball holder - storage systems - black

Simply hang your sports balls on the wall. In 3 sizes for a football, basketball, and rugby ball.


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